This Frosty Morning


Have you met Goldie? He’s Nolan’s cat and he lives outdoors with the other kitties and chickens and ducks and dog. This morning was a beautiful one, with a thin layer of frost covering everything. Each morning, the cats stand on the fence posts like this and wait for one of us to come outside to feed and play with them. Anyways, Goldie is such a fun cat and we all love him so much!




This is Little Chicken, and we named her just now. There are actually a few that look similar to her, but she is the fluffiest with plenty of feathers. Here she is, keeping herself warm on this beautiful frosty morning.




And this is later on in the morning, the sun is out and Ethan is running through a sea of birds. Both he and the cats were trying to catch just one bird, but without success.

Have you ever tried to catch a bird like this? Gotta give a kid credit for trying!

Crazy Cat Lady Indeed

Crazy Cat Lady Sweater - ClassiclyAmber

I love starting off Mondays on a light and happy note, and I am sure that that annoys certain breeds of people out there, but it’s aight. Just wanted to share that I have started a new Pinterest board called Crazy Cat Lady. Everything inside is for the feline lover and anyone who moderately enjoys kittehs. You are looking at an animal lover [well, look up and over —–> there at my picture] and I’m not ashamed to say that I have owned as many as 20 cats in one sitting before. I didn’t end up keeping them all, as it was when 2 of my cats had kittens at the same time, but still. It didn’t bother me too bad. :)

Crazy Cat Lady Outfit - ClassiclyAmber

They say that people are either dog lovers or cat lovers, but I beg to differ as I’m a fan of both…and also bunnies, chickens, ducks, cows, goats, horses, sheep…um…so that’s why we have a yard full of critters. Anyway, I’ve been looking over my wardrobe and seeing that my clothes need more animal <3 style added into the mix. So this pinboard will also serve as inspiration for that.

Happy Monday, y’all. Make it a great day!

Uncle Si + Operation Christmas Child


We are huge Duck Dynasty fans here, and so I was tickled pink to learn that he’s giving back with OCC this year. We – along with our church – are gearing up to go do volunteer work with Operation Christmas Child. Click the pic above to take you to their site to view how Uncle Si packs a shoebox for children. I just love his style~! You just never know which of these kids will need a grenade rocket!

If you’re interested in helping out, then read up here on how to pack a box for a child, and then click here to see drop-off locations.

A new feature on the OCC website this year is that even if you don’t have time to run out and buy stuff for shoeboxes, you can now build it all online, picking out what all you want to go in your box and choose the type of child you want your gift to go to. It seriously doesn’t get any easier than that!

Share the joy. Share a shoebox gift.  :)

How Do You Pronounce ‘Pecan’?



My husband says pecan like “pih-KAHN”, but I say it like “PEE-kahn”. He puts emphasis on the end of the word, I put it on the beginning. And he faults me for this. Our kids are confused. The whole house is a mess all because we can’t agree who’s right and

[…CLICK for more article goodness!—->] How Do You Pronounce ‘Pecan’?

Organizing Closets.


With the change of weather, I’m always inspired to totally redo all the closets in our home. Lean in closer and I’ll tell ya a secret…

We’ve never finished our closets from when we built our home 6 years ago!

I’m actually surprised that we’re able to feasibly dress ourselves each day. I’m only

[…CLICK for more article goodness!—->] Organizing Closets.

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