Make that…10 Ducklings!

I woke up this morning to quickly check on Miss Margaret and she was already up and at ’em – with her 9 little duckies, no wait…What? 1, 2, 3, 4….5, 6…7, 8, 9, – 10!! REallY?!? I counted again…and again, just to double chek, and sure enough! She had 10 little ducklings following along behind her! I’m not sure if one hatched really late or if he was just hiding from us yesterday, but there are definitely 10 ducklings now. I am in Duck Heaven! I just love it!



Hubby is in the process of building these duckies a sweet new home for safety from racoons and other boogers at night. He’s really new at this sort of thing, but I believe he’s got a knack for it. Plus, he really enjoys it so I am looking forward to the things he’ll be making in the near future. I have lots of ideas for his budding talents. Next? A much needed clothes line!

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