Lovin’ Your Laundry – Part 2

Continued from Lovin’ Your Laundry – Part 1…

Speaking of clean, what are you cleaning your laundry with? Are you still using those harsh detergents from the store that contain dangerous chemicals? Okay, I’m quite surprised that a lot of those big time companies aren’t out of business by now. I mean, this isn’t news that it’s unsafe to use these chemicals in our homes, so I’m not sure why people are still buying these products! For instance, if you use something like Bounce fabric softener sheets, then you are coating you and your kids’ clothes with a layer of toxic chemicals. When you put the clothes on, your body moisture causes your body to absorb those toxins – going directly into your bloodstream. Does that sound like a good idea? But that’s only ONE example. I will stop here so this post isn’t 347 pages long and plus, I think you get my point.

So throw out all of those chemicals from your laundry room and first off, it will smell better (no more laundry cleaner-induced headaches!) and secondly, it will be better for you and your family’s health. If you’re new or WANT to be new to the World of Natural Laundry Cleaning, then let me introduce you to some mighty nice friends:

  • All natural goat milk soap – Go on Etsy.com and locate someone who makes this by hand. This soap is usually cold processed and contains lye. This is the way your ancestors cleaned their clothes back in the good old days and it’s good stuff that works! You can do a search and find Soap Crumbles, which is basically the bars of soap shredded up in a food processor in small bits. Crumbles are good when you don’t make your own soap but DO want to make your own laundry soap. You can find it very reasonably priced, too!
  • Washing soda or baking soda – Washing soda is sodium carbonate – it’s a sodium salt of carbonic acid. It is used to soften the water and soak up the extra magnesium and calcium in the water. It’s good at removing oil and grease stains. Washing soda and baking soda are very similar in their makeup and either one can be used in laundry soap recipes.
  • Borax – a mineral and salt of boric acid and dissolves easily in the water. It helps brighten and whiten your laundry!
  • Essential oils – this could be lavender, lemon or even tea tree oil – or whatever your favorite scent is as this is used purely for the fragrance. You can experiment and come up with your own favorite mix. Note that this will not leave an absurdly strong fragrance on your laundry like the store bought chemicals, but it will leave your clothes with a hint of sweet smelling freshness.
  • Vinegar – use this to help get your clothes cleaner and use it as a rinse. It’s wonderful for cleaning cloth diapers, too! It also helps with softening your clothes, which is especially a nice bonus when you line dry your laundry!

Besides the goat milk soap, all of these ingredients can easily be found at most grocery stores. Check the cleaning aisle and there ye shall find it. So go gather your ingredients and come back soon for the rest of the laundry lowdown!

Tune in for LYL Part 3!

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