Freshly Ground Cinnamon

Really…what is the big deal?


A lot, actually. Even someone who’s NOT a food snob (such as myself) will smell and taste a real difference with freshly ground cinnamon.


And it’s easier to acquire than you’d think. But what the crap IS that thing??? It’s just a regular old grinder. Yeppers, it’s totally manual, so it will totally help get your flabby arms in shape! There are always motorized machines, though, so don’t feel like you have to really do any work with this thing. Read on.


First, you need…cinnamon sticks! Check out Bulk Herb Store. They have great prods at great prices. It’s where I order my herbs ‘n cinnamon sticks from, too.

Somewhat random fact: Did you know that a cinnamon stick is actually the bark from a tree? Crazy, huh?

Grinding_Cinnamon_4 Grinding_Cinnamon_5

Anyway, get out a few sticks and place between a sheet of wax or parchment paper. Then get out your meat tenderizer hammer thingie that you never use and go to town on those cinnamon sticks! Go ahead…let out all that frustration and anger. It’s gonna be TASTY anger!

Another somewhat random fact: good quality cinnamon is GOOD for you! There have been studies on how it is effective in treating people with Diabetes, how it can help relax you and reduce anxiety and stress – and how it promotes good blood circulation and get your brain going (sounds like I need more cinnamon in my life!).


Watch it! If you keep letting all those chips and pieces fly out like that, then there won’t be anything left to grind into yummy powder, K?


Using the paper as a funnel (which is NOT what I’m doing in this pic!) – slide your chunks and pieces into the grinder.


Twist and grind! You got it! Yeah! This is where you will get your arms in shape.


Smell that? YUM! It’s lookin’ good! The first pass through will create smaller chunks and splintery pieces. You’ll probably need to pass it through 2 or 3 more times and then…


Voila! You will have super fine, super yummy cinnamon powder for all of your fav recipes!

Now, I know…I know…the cinnamon bottle thingie that you see in the picture above is from one of those store bought varieties, but I’ve just been using that to keep refilling up on FRESH ground cinnamon. It works for now! One of these days I will get a glass bottle to store it in.

The manufactured ground cinnamon powder that you buy at the store has already lost a great deal of its potency by the time you toss it into your shopping cart. Get yourself a good grinder – either manual or electric – and see the difference for yourself. You won’t regret it, I promise!

Oh man, what to make next? How about some cinnamon raisin oatmeal cookies?!? =-)

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7 thoughts on “Freshly Ground Cinnamon

  1. You know, if you keep posting cool stuff like this, you’re going to turn me into a regular ‘ole homemaker! You make everything seem simple and fun :) Mike won’t know what got into me, lol!

  2. Go for it, Chrissy! I’m learning that homemaking is a lot more fun that you’d think it would be! It is especially awesome to allow your kiddos to help out and pull their own weight. Surprisingly, it not only develops character in the them, but they LOVE doing it, too! <3

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