Our Little Rascals

Hubby said that this reminded him so much of something the Little Rascals would do and I agreed.

So we just HAD to snap shots…and I just HAD to share them!

Our oldest son wanted to make a train, and he graciously offered to be both the conductor AND the engine for his younger siblings.

Hehee…he had fun at first, but then eventually just sat there….looked around…sighed…and quietly demanded “I. Want. Out. NOW.”

Coach just isn’t as cool as First Class!! Big brother to the rescue!

Wouldn’t you have loved to have an older bro that looked out for ya and helped out like that? I think that would have been cool myself. I actually do have an older sister, and we fought so bad while we were growing up. We still have decent arguments sometimes. But we love each other and can somewhat overlook our differences.

I hope our kids always get along – – and I plan on raising our kids to be best friends…to be really loving to one another and ready to lend a helpin’ hand. That’s what the world needs more of: Helpin’ Hands. Anyway, that sort of thing definitely takes foresight and extra work. You can not just sit back and expect it all to fall into place. And just knowing that is half the battle! 😉

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