The Day the Oranges Gave Their All

Once upon a time, there were some Valencia oranges hanging out in a kitchen.

They were being used as an aromatic citric display on a cake stand over on the hutch. Tired of feeling useless, they looked at one another and exclaimed, “We need to make something of ourselves!”

Then they woke up the Clementines in their plastic prison just over the bend. “We want to join you!”, they cried. “Please, free us and show us how we can help.”So the Valencias freed them, and they danced and danced and really lived it up!

Then they went about the kitchen waking up other various components to add to their scheme.

The press suggested they let him tickle the C outta them.

“What a great idea! Hooray for the press and his stankin’ good ideas!!” They all shouted and cheered! Soon the festivities began.

Each orange split open and jumped into the press’s mouth. “Bwaah ahh ahaahaa ahah ahaaa! That tickles!! HAHA!!” Yeah, it was a laughin’ good time for all.

As they laughed and laughed, the juicy C drained out.They collected it into a glass measuring cup.

Some peels were begging for more. So the Whole Cloves came down to see how they could help out and join in the fun.

“Hey!”, they said. “Let’s team up with the Cinnamon and make some potpourri!” Well, what a fabulous idea!

So they all came together and jumped in the pot onto the stove to bathe and soak and help turn the house into a delicious smelling home.

Still there were some peels that cried for more. After they were cleaned up a bit, they decided to sun bathe and dry out some to be turned into dried peels for storage. They were ecstatic to be saved for a rainy day!

And the fresh squeezed juice? It was invited to hang out in many stomachs in the household – and that made everyone VERY happy indeed!

All gave some. But some gave all.

The end.

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