Goodbye Summer! Goodbye Corn!

The following is filed under: “Homesteading”, but has little to do with keeping our home steady. It IS, however, quite the attraction around here when it happens once a year or so.

Sure there are other crops that the farmer harvests during the rest of the year, but corn is usually just once – or every other year.

So the kids hear the tractor start up and rush to the windows and press their faces in close.

…VERY close.

I wouldn’t want to be chased by one of these, would you? And I if WAS chased by one of these, I would hope to not trip and fall down several times, screaming along the way. I suppose that that would be inevitable, though. If you are chased by something freaky, you just HAVE to trip and fall down on exposed tree roots or SOMEthing.

But not here. This dude is friendly. You can’t see in the small picture, but he is actually smiling and waving his hand at us here. See what I mean? Smiling and waving = friendly. Unless it’s one of those weird smiling and waving people dressed up in a funky costume at the corner stoplight, trying to advertise for a local business…then that is just lame. And laughable!

Ah, our modern farming practices! Watch as it takes down a whole bunch of corn stalks effortlessly.

It’s that easy, folks! I laugh at myself because I wasted (?) a few minutes reading about John Deere corn heads and how they work.

But I also have a respect for those who choose not to employ modern farming practices…such as some friends of ours who actually use a horse and plow to get his garden going. To me, that is WAY cool. Maybe I will be able to share that with y’all one day!

Empty into the trailer and head back for more!

Before ya even knew it, we were totally cleaned out of our extra privacy and beautiful corn stalks. This is the one crop that is the hardest to roll with. They plant it and spray it with all kinds of nasty chemicals to make it grow unnaturally fast! I STILL wonder what that is doing to our water supply…and the pond…and the ducks…and everyone! (Hint: to all of the organic farmers out there looking to rent land – – call me!)

Anyway, within just a few weeks of planting, the corn is already fairly tall. Not long after that, it has grown even bigger and you can no longer see the neighbors homes across the fields. Then when it’s over 6 feet tall, you start to feel closed in and private and start to really like it! It stays like that for several months until…this. It’s suddenly all harvested one day and you have to get used the new landscape all over again.

But these pictures so remind me of fall – which officially begins in only 2 days. 2009 is passing quickly! It’s only 2 months until Thanksgiving, folks! Wowza~! So are you ready for fall – and then the end of year with the rush of holidays? Is your fall/winter garden planted – and your summer canning done? – and your seeds saved for next year? – and your wood chopped and split for warming your home this winter?

Yeah, me, neither. But – I’m learning all of this stuff and will have it ALL down pat one of these days~!

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5 thoughts on “Goodbye Summer! Goodbye Corn!

  1. You need to take some of these pics and print ’em out real big and hang ’em on your wall. They’re beautiful! Great perspective, beautiful lighting, and I love the effects you used.
    And how cute are the kids at the window (especially Gianna with her face smashed up against it)! Adorable :)

  2. Oh my gosh, I can’t tell you how homesick these pics make me! We spent two glorious summers in small town Michigan and my son LIVED for farm equipment. By the time we left when he was the ripe old age of 2 and half he could correct me when I said, hey look at that tractor, with a condescending, “that’s a COMBINE, mama”! Your pics are awesome! Talk about a trip down memory lane

  3. I love this post! And thanks for the reminder concerning Thanksgiving…and all that other “to-do” stuff…I’m getting on all that stuff, right now! 😉 Keep posting–I’m loving reading!

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