Dreaming of a Farmhouse Table

Ever since hubby and myself first sat down to design this home, I knew exactly what I wanted in the kitchen and dining areas.

I knew I hoped for an open kitchen…and I wanted to forgo the whole separate nook and formal dining rooms. Instead we put those two spaces together to make one nice sized dining area. And in that dining area, I wanted…

… a Nice – Rustic – Textured – Unique – Solid Wood Farmhouse Table!

Why did I just capitalize the first letter of every word of the previous sentence?

Well, I guess that was my emotions getting the best of me.

You see, I really do get ridiculously giddy when I think about a rough, chunky table mingling with softly upholstered friends..

It makes my liver quiver to think about slipcovered wing chairs flanking the ends of a big table. And truly it doesn’t matter if you can see the wood tones or not. I’d definitely take a distressed painted table. But there IS something to be said for being able to see that yummy wood grain goodness:

I get weak in the knees to see many chandeliers all lined up in a row over top a pretty table!

And it’s a wonderful sight to behold when an old treasure is repurposed into a beautiful prep area in the kitchen.

Ah! So relaxed…yet somewhat dressy all at once.

When a punch of color is added in, it really makes your heart sing, doesn’t it?

Now let’s move on to what I am actually working with in our own home:

Yes, we have not one, but two tables in here. As you can see, they are opposing colors…which is something that I can more than likely fix with some leftover paint in the house. And then we have all of these chairs. I certainly don’t prefer the fold-up metal chairs, though they are nice to pull out in a pinch when we have extra guests dining in. Those will someday be replaced with chairs that have more character.

I bet I could make this all come together better if – as we’ve already established – I paint the two tables to match, then sew up a table covering for it all so the top of it flows better, and then round up a big batch of antique side chairs (all mismatched, but then I could paint them the same color), and then slipcover the wings on the ends. I could get the side chairs for cheap at a local “junk yard” that I’ve perused…and the fabric for the table cover and slipcovers at a local sewing salvage shop. So I’d still need a LITTLE money, but probably not as much as you’d think!

Also, the Nester posted something about hanging up a door on the wall to give interest and help protect it from little dirty feet…and I thought about trying that at our counter.

Do you think it would work for cabinets? The door that I have in mind is an antique solid wood door! I just don’t want that heavy door tearing up our cabinets and falling off, ya know? That would be a little problem. Teeny. But if I could make it work, then it would give that area some much needed architectural interest!

And these chairs were some that I scored on CraigsList! They have some cat scratch damage on the corners and told me that they will be somewhat embarrassed until I could get them either slipcovered or reupholstered.

I have shopped around for a true farmhouse table, and they are so pricey! We are talking $3,000 for a 14 foot long table, folks. I don’t know how YOUR money tree is producing this year, but we are still waiting on ours to catch up! 😉 I was ecstatic to find a guy about 15 minutes down the road who builds furniture from barnwood…and from the pics he’s sent me, it looks like good quality stuff! He still wants around a thousand smackaroos for a table. Yes, that is a good price compared to everyone else – but we just don’t have it yet. When you’re fighting just to keep your home, the last thing that really concerns you is a $1,000 farmhouse table. I can never say it enough, though –  – it NEVER ever ever hurts to dream! So I dream big! It’s a lot of fun and it keeps me young ‘n energized.

What have YOU been dreamin’ up big for your kitchen and dining areas?

Photo credits: DecorPad, VermontFarmTables, DecorDepot, Brooke Giannetti, Eleventh of Earl Mar, Home & Garden, Napanee Design

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14 thoughts on “Dreaming of a Farmhouse Table

  1. I got my college-age handyman to make my daughter a dining table that seats fourteen for the hefty price of $250! Keep looking… you might find someone to do it much cheaper than $1000.

  2. I can SO relate here! We bought our house 28 years ago…and had NO money but LOTS of dreams! And it was such a fixer-upper…not at all lovely like your house is.
    The dreams s-l-o-w-l-y materialized over a l-o-n-g time…during which my attitude wavered (I’m ashamed to say). My husband was able to make me lots of furniture over the years, but as he was also the one doing the “fixing up”, it took a l-o-n-g time.
    Keep your eyes out for all kinds of possibilities!

    P.S. I love farmhouse tables too!!!


  3. UH OH you love Farmhouse tables! I got mine for Christmas!!! YAY! We moved into a ranch home a year and a half ago and I am determined to turn it into my cottage in the country! Although it is in the city! (grin) Thanks for visiting my blog! Have a great day!

  4. can I throw a shout-out on the first 3 pics :) those are my tables and me carving the wooden pegs… its true, our tables are on the pricey side but we also use only the best materials — AND none of our finishes contain toxins (which make them 100x more expensive than the stuff other guys use)

    I encourage you to consider the safety of kids, the environment, and yourself when buying furniture (which historically is one of the dirtiest industries around). read the back label on a can of polyurethane to see for yourself (yuck-o!)

    cheers to all – dustin@vermontfarmtable.com

  5. Hi Dustin! Yes, thank you for jumping in here. I think that’s awesome that you use more natural products to create fabulous high quality furniture! If I had the moolah, I would have ONLY that type of furniture in our home. Anyway, you do really great work! =-)

    Debbie – can you sweet talk your handyman into making ME a dreamy farmhouse table for only $250? 😉 Wow, that is a super good deal!

    Thank you, everyone else, for your encouragement and advice on keeping my eyes open for a good deal. I’m feeling inspired!! =-D

  6. I love your site. So many good ideas. We are getting ready to do our kitchen in our home which is about 100 years old. We have wainscotting doored cabinets in off white and Oak….we got them from a display.
    I want a farmhouse sink but can’t afford most of them. Any ideas????
    You are one clever chick. I am a do it yourselfer myself. I try to repurpose things and never buy anything full price.
    Salvation Army and I are tight.

    1. Thanks, Diane!

      We are also re-thinking the farmhouse sink, since we’ll be moving in the near future and now I am especially handicapped when it comes to working in the kitchen with a smaller sink! My only thought currently is making one out of cement…however, I don’t know how well it would hold up. Still have more researching to do on that!

      Your house sounds divine! I’d love to see pics~! Blessin’s~!

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