H8tin’ on the Doorbell.

If we had had the cute door knocker that you see above, then this post would never exist. But it DOES, so here we go~!

I’m going to use a pretty big word:


And thaaaaaaaat pretty much sums up my feelings on our doorbell here.

Back when we were renting for umpteen years previous to building our dream home, I used to sit and think about what our future house would be like one day. I had stupid, romantic thoughts about how lovely it would be to have a doorbell to grandly announce the arrival of house guests. See, back then we didn’t have a doorbell at all. And so when someone would come over, they would have to knock on the door to alert us. Well, that was just too plain. Knocking? How primitive! Plus, what if I didn’t hear them knocking because it wasn’t loud enough? I wanted a melodious ding – dong – ding – ding – dong!

So now, I take that ALL BACK. I do NOT want melody…I do NOT want the noise…and I do NOT want a stinkin’ doorbell! I just want some stinkin’ quiet! And guess what? If someone happens to come to the door and primitively knocks on it and I don’t hear them – ? Oh well! Maybe I’ll catch ’em next time!

It all looked so blissful and perfect in my mind BEFORE, but reality turned out to be something different. I can’t tell you how many times since we’ve lived here that someone has unexpectedly arrived and rung the doorbell…only to wake up one of my babies after I’ve spent all too much of my time trying to get them down to sleep. Does that make for a frustrated momma? No. It makes for an IRATE momma! 😉 I have found that it makes no difference if I either was or wasn’t expecting company, and if they previously did or didn’t know that there were sleeping babies in the house. It doesn’t matter. The problem is that if you see a lit-up doorbell when you arrive at someone’s house, it’s just too tempting NOT to push it. And if they don’t come to the door right away, then it’s just too tempting NOT to push it again – repeatedly! Because of that, I am bound and determined to remove all temptation. So I’ve been researching my options.

Here are some useful alternatives to the obnoxious doorbell:

First off, and this is something that I would love to switch to as soon as we can, and that’s this cute, rustic cast iron bird knocker for the door that you see pictured above. You can click here to see more info on it.

Second,you could try to KEEP your visitors from pushing in the doorbell:

But isn’t that just WEIRD looking?!?

Or how about signage of the threatening variety?

You can actually purchase this from an Etsy shop right here.

But yeah, what a welcome!

My last option – and possibly the one I will need to go with, at least for now – is to totally unhook the blasted doorbell. That will provide immediate relief, I know. Of course, we DID have a friend offer to come bash the doorbell in for us…and after all I’ve been through with that little button – I am about tempted to do that myself!

Do you have a doorbell and does it bother you? Or do you use something else? Give me more ideas!

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3 thoughts on “H8tin’ on the Doorbell.

  1. hahahaha those signs are hysterical! And yes, I was thinking the whole time – just unhook that silly thing. It’s the first thing we did to ours at the last house we lived in. Back in Michigan. out in farm country. sigh. HOMESICK. But, back to the bell, yea, just pull that cord O-U-T! :Cause no one should be allowed to wake sleeping babies!

  2. I’m with you! And it’s not my babies the doorbell would wake up–it’s me! I have antique door knockers on our doors. They’re quiet and non-intrusive. If I don’t hear it and it’s someone I know, they’ll call on my cell phone. If it’s someone I don’t know, I probably wouldn’t want to talk to them anyway!

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