Make Your Own Yogurt Ninjas

Homemade yogurt is about one of the easiest things you can make. And when you get in the habit of making it every single week (something that I used to be faithful at and am getting back to it) then your family’s excellent digestive tracts will make all the neighbors jealous.


Our family is coming out of a crazy battle with a stomach bug. It hit the kids the hardest, especially the girls since they are the youngest, I suppose. Sarie Beth, who is about 11 months old, wasn’t even able to keep MY milk down. That was when I started to be more concerned. We are still dealing with it all and helping her recover. My point is here – that if I had made sure that our whole family was still getting plenty of raw milk yogurt, then when this stomach bug came around – I am about 99% sure that they would have been able to kick it out FAST. That’s how it was in the past when we made and consumed this yogurt faithfully.

What I’m talking about here is probiotics – or – the good bacteria that every gut needs in order to be healthy!

You might not believe it, but I’ve seen this stuff cure some of the worst digestive system disorders – and even horrible diaper rashes on babies! People who do not have enough healthy flora in their gut will suffer from the worst intestinal issues! It goes beyond that, too…even if you buy store bought yogurt and eat that regularly, but you also eat a lot of processed foods from the grocery store…and take lots of antibiotics and drugs…then your system will be outta whack.

Have no fear, though! Raw milk yogurt is here to help! AND – it tastes really good! Why raw milk? There is a world of difference in this homemade yogurt from fresh milk versus the store bought yogurt made from that other stuff.

My boys get a laugh because I call this yogurt White Ninjas – that go in your intestines and kick tail of the bad dudes in there causing all the trouble. In the beginning, it really helped my kids visualize what was going on inside their bodies when they ate this yogurt. Your body NEEDS these ninjas!!

This is how we do it:


1. Take a little less than half a gallon of fresh milk from your cow or farmer (that you know, love and trust);

2. Pour it in your pot with your thermometer in place;

3. Set the flame to medium-low;


4. Watch the milk and heat it up to 180 degrees;

5. To make the yogurt have a slightly thicker consistency, you will want to keep the temp right around 180 for approx. 30 minutes;


6. Cut off the heat and let milk cool down to 110-115 degrees. Pour it into a clean half gallon Mason jar.

7. Add in a 1/4 cup of either last week’s yogurt, or store bought organic plain yogurt – or you can purchase those nifty yogurt cultures in powder form from a supplier (you’d use a different measurement for the powdered cultures); Mix it up with a long handled spoon;

8. Let it set out and coagulate in a warm area for 6-12 hours. It needs to stay around 110 degrees. During that time, it will thicken (this is what happens when it makes more and more ninjas). During the cooler weather, I usually leave my yogurt in the top oven I just slightly heat up the oven and then cut it back off. It’s insulated and keeps in the heat for a long time.

Fav way to eat it? For now, I’m really loving to layer it – parfait style – with roasted peanuts, raisins, fresh ground cinnamon – and sometimes even topped with some chopped organic bananas! You would NEVER think that something so delicious could be so daggum healthy!!

Here it is, folks! Makes a great breakfast, lunch or snack.

And those bad guys in your gut? Don’t worry. You can NINJA ’em out now!!

Edited to add: It’s been been brought to my attention that you don’t HAVE to heat up your milk that high if you don’t want to. Part of the reason in using raw milk for your homemade yogurt is because it has so many good ninjas [good bacteria] in it already. If you heat it up higher, then you are killing a bunch of them off. So also try making yogurt just like this and only heat the milk up to 110-120 degrees and do everything else the same. 😀

Some resources:

To find a raw milk farmer in your area, check here:

To purchase live cultures to make your own yogurt, checkie:

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4 thoughts on “Make Your Own Yogurt Ninjas

  1. OMG!
    pictures, information and everything was what I was looking for a week! Cool!!!!
    i have an assignment to wirte an essay about fermentation process of making yogurt and i just thought it’ll be interesting if there’s a process of making homemade yogurt.
    Wow, your explanation was easy to understand and the pictures were so helpful to understand. other’s blog’s pictures are usually small or not specific
    anyway, thanks a let again!

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