Wonky Website Award

Yaaaaaay! I’ve just won the Wonky Website Award!!!

Wonky Website Award

Just kiddin’. Not that I don’t deserve it, though! The pics are outta whack here…some of the graphics are goofy…and we’re just still dealing with issues from Domain.com. I wish that I had nicer things to say about those folks, but um…hey, just ask me later, k?

I say all this to say – if you see anything on the site around this time that looks bad, blame it on the Wonky Website Award. My website man (hubby) is working to fix it as fast and as painlessly (for him) as possible. It just pains me, no matter what.

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3 thoughts on “Wonky Website Award

  1. What a cute little award! At least you apologize, I just tell everyone to deal with it when I’m messing around! ;0) Hehe!(BTW I don’t see anything “wonky”.)

  2. You like? It’s an award that I made up myself because I’m so worthy! If you look around here enough, you will surely see some mess happnen’ before your eyes. If not, then I’m glad to hear it! Sometimes it comes and goes. I wish it would just GO! 😉

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