Finding Fish in the Ice

This past Friday night, it started snowing here ever so lightly. Within an hour, it really picked up and big, white fluffy goodness was falling from the sky! It coated everything with a beautiful, uniform layer of white. After that, it began sleeting and then a layer of ice covered it all. Poo! I am still looking forward to at least ONE real snow day here!

This was probably one of the coolest things from all of the snow ice that we have gotten recently. The boys found a fishy shape while out playing in it. Hope everyone is staying warm ‘n toasty in this mess~!

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6 thoughts on “Finding Fish in the Ice

  1. Love your ice fishy!!!! If you will come about 30 min north you can have all the snow you want out of my yard!!!!! It was fun for a while and now since we are on day 4 in the house I kinda wanna be bad and eat Chick-Fil-A. :-)

  2. The other side of this ice didn’t really look like a fish at all, but this side did so Ethan just had to have a snapshot of it.

    Just wanted y’all to know…we DID get a good snow day yesterday! Pics to come! =-) So thanks for sharing, Allison!! 😀

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