Forcing Spring

I just love it when spring happens and the perfect weather sails in. But since this is only early February, I have a ways to wait before that happens. But who says we have to wait until then to enjoy beautiful flowers? You can force spring in your home by making these bulbs bloom indoors.

Many people are blogging about this now, but I first learned about this years ago when I was watching a Martha Stewart show. She was showing the different types of bulbs that you could force indoors. That was the first day I had even heard of paperwhites – and I loved them instantly! I told myself that I would have some for myself for the next year, but never bought them. Fast forward about 8 years later, and I finally got my first paperwhites!

Can I say two more things about these flowers?

1. I didn’t force these myself. We were shopping at Trader Joe’s last night and they had soooo many flowers on sale! Anyways, to learn more about forcing bulbs on your own, click HERE.

2. Paperwhites are so pretty, but they shoooooooooooooooooooo’ nuff do smell FUNKY!! Yeah, I’m not quite sure what to describe that sniff-sniff as. It’s not quite yucky, but it’s not quite lovely, either. However, the beautiful flowers make up for the funk (in my opinion).

Let’s make this 3 things:

3. Did you notice that several of their centers naturally created a heart? How perfect is that? <3 it!

Oh! And one more:

4.   I. Still. Want. A. GOOD. Snow. Day. First!

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6 thoughts on “Forcing Spring

  1. Simply beautiful. Because the weather is always warm here, we pretty much have flowers that bloom all year round. But it would be nice to experience actual seasons. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Those flowers are beautiful! I didn’t know anything about this “forcing bulbs” idea. I’m so into this now – thanks for sharing!

    Also, thanks for stopping by my blog (Fixing it Fancy)!

  3. Yep, no worries if you don’t have a green thumb – just pick up already forced bulbs at your grocery store or local nursery! Then all you have to do is remember to water them at least once weekly (write it on the calendar if that helps).

    Next year, though, I am SO trying to force some of my own bulbs!

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