In Progress: Foyer Wall

I’m pretty excited for this! We are in the middle of fixin’ up the first wall you see when you come into the foyer (from the front door, that is). That mess of taped up papers that you see is a nifty trick I learned from Grandma Martha a while back. If you haven’t yet seen this method for hanging up several pictures all at once, then you’ve gotta try it! It is seriously nifty. I arranged, rearranged, re-rearranged, (etc……) the templates for what’s going up on the wall without messing up the wall AT ALL. Love it~! And then hubby is the handyman who is making it all come together (with Nolan and Sarie helping). Love HIM!

More on this wall later, peeps! <3 I’ve gotta get rested up because tomorrow morning, I’m going out to play in the snow! =-D

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6 thoughts on “In Progress: Foyer Wall

  1. Love the foyer. Looks cool. I need the tuna melt recipe please. what are you doing sat I would love to come down and bring the boys.

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