They’ve Escaped

Once upon a time, a bull named Rastus (I just named him) got too big for his britches, so he decided to break free from his pastures. Two daring little calves (too shy for pictures) followed suit.

He began calling out to the other cows that were still in their fence: “Moooooove it on out here! I’m the leader of this gang, and I say we GO!!”

“You are soooooooooo full of CRAP!”, they mooed back. “You are gonna be in big trouble when the farmer finds out! Please come back!”

Well, Rastus the bull didn’t THINK that he was gonna get in trouble. He knew it was he who was running this show after all, and if no one was gonna listen to him, then he was just going to have to show them who was Boss. He decided to…wait! What? Huh?

“Ooooh CRAP!! Who told HIM what’s going on?!? How did he KNOW?!?”

*Runs away.

The REAL Boss and his sidekick show up to settle a few things. (I’ll let you pick who’s who).

Later, everyone was home ‘n happy.

(Yes, I missed an important part of this segment as I had my OWN herd to round up inside!) =-D So I don’t know how they officially got Rastus and the Calves back in the pastures, but I know it involved a couple of trucks and a little motivation. I’ve actually always loved it when one of the cows gets out of the fence! It happens about once every 3-6 months and I like to see the hijinks that ensue as a result.

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4 thoughts on “They’ve Escaped

  1. Too funny! Although Im sure it wasnt too funny for the Mister. I love cows. I grew up with them and we’ve talked of getting one.

    I want to say thank you for your comments on my coffee table makeover! Hubby just sanded the heck out of it, didnt use any chemicals. The green paint is Glidden “Glass Green” and the cream was Ivory spray paint from Ace.
    .-= Wendy´s last blog ..Another Quick Valentine Project =-.

  2. Thanks for letting me know about the paint shtuffs, Wendy! =-D And yeah, I think the farmer gets annoyed every time he has to come out to round up the bovine. We don’t mind, though!

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