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And sooooo frickin’ ANNOYING! Jon & Kate (pictured together above) have flown south for the winter and decided to stop in at our Bed ‘n Breakfast. Jon is literally trying to take everything over, as if he makes the mortgage payments here. When I first walked down to the pond to get some snappety shots of these Greylag geese, I thought they were so beautiful and hoped they would stay. But – just as it can be with some house guests – there comes a point in time where you’re ready for them to hit the road again. Why? Checkie below:

Homeboy is literally coming after me there. And he freaked the CRAP outta me because I’m used to our lovely, docile ducks that – even when they run – they are only waddling very slowly. So Jon saw me and swam fast to the edge of the pond, stuck his beak up in the air for intimidation purposes and when his feet hit the ground, he was FAST! Oh my gosh.

And like a foolish coward, I RAN.

Then when I went out to feed our ducks, Jon runs up and chases them away and comes zooming after me again. Corey came outside and ran TO the Big Bad Goose and yelled out in a most booming voice: “You SHUT UP, GOOSE! Get BACK TO THE POND NOW!”

Know what? Homeboy listened! Heh heh heh!!

So will they stay or will they go? I dunno. I am beginning to wonder if they are gonna try and raise 6 or 8 youngins while they are here and do a reality show. I don’t know about it, folks. I foresee only bad things coming from that…

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