Love: Cream Horns

Did I talk much lately about the sugar fast I was on? I went for quite a while successfully not touching the stuff…but in the past couple of weeks, I’ve had it about 3 times now. Today, Corey was out to a business meeting, and there was a gourmet bakery right near by. I just…happened…to call them up and ask if they made cream horns. The guy was like “YES, we make these FRESH every single day!” Oh mercy. Why did that have to be true?!? Ultimately, I’m glad it was because I do think it is okay to have stuff like this every now and then…as long as the ingredients are quality. My family is probably all passed out on the ground from hearing me say that [in fact, last night Nolan was seriously outraged that Daddy brought home a box of these sugar infested treats!]. We actually now try to limit sugar in our diets and we do what we can to use alternative, all natural substitutes [no, NOT that UnSplendid crap!]. I know that we are one of the few families to have ‘sugar convictions’. Don’t hate us. Please. Seriously, peeps – I have discovered some yummy substitutes in my lattes and the like! More on that later…

Good grief! All of these crazy disclaimers and disclosures just to say – these were the best cream horns!

One day….I will teach myself how to make these right here at home~!

What are you lovin’ on this week?

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13 thoughts on “Love: Cream Horns

  1. Wow, for a minute I thought you were going to say you made these yourself!!! I wouldn’t have been surprised, though, cause I know if you tried, you could make some really awesome ones :)

    1. Thanks, girlie! You are so sweet. Honestly, I’m wondering how much work goes into making up a batch of these tasties?

    1. You DO? You adore?!? Yay!! I adore your work, too, so that is a huge compliment to hear ya say that, Amanda! =-D

      BTW, these are MY pics, chica!! Represent!

  2. Wow those look evil! I am watching my sugar too although I have failed many times now but it is good just cutting out sugary drinks and desserts. We are allowed dessert one time per week, otherwise it is fruit. I know I am still getting sugar from bread and cereal (although I won’t eat cereal with higher that 10 grams of sugar per serving). But overall it’s been good… But an adjustment. I use Stevia in my drinks and smoothies. Works pretty well. Please fill us in on what you are doing!

    1. Yes, Stevia works good, too! Do you have the plant or the storebought powder? Also, I know exactly what you mean about cereal. Gracious! I actually don’t keep the stuff in the house anymore because it seems pricey for just a little bit of food and because of the sugar stuff.

      Keep a checkie this week on the blog because I want to SHOW you what we do here~! =-D

      1. Sweet deal! I have organic powder from Trader Joe’s. I’m not as advantageous as you, my dear. I work full time and try to be a good mommy and housewife as the good Lord gives me energy. 😀 I depend on Trader’s to feed my family pretty decently – they use organic or very natural ingredients in most of their products.

        I will hold you to it – can’t wait to read more!

  3. Amber, those look so yummy!! I am not one to stay away from the sweets…though I try. I love to bake so that is a hard one for me. These look divine…I don’t know that I have ever had one and now you will have me on a quest looking for them! I hope you enjoy every delicious bite!!

    .-= Victoria@Whimsy by Victoria´s last blog ..Farmtable Islands… =-.

    1. I am right there with ya, Victoria! I have always had a pretty big sweet tooth! AND – I love to bake, too. It’s been a challenge to find ways to sweeten foods and still have it taste really good.

      Just look for an awesome bakery in your area and ask about the cream horns! These were uber tasty. The cream filling had the faintest fresh lemon taste to it. Mmmm heavenly!! <3

    1. I will get back to ya on that this week, Allison! ;-D
      Oh, and I giggled when I saw you block out what you add to your coffee. Hehee! Shhhh!

  4. ok really Amber! Must you post this stuff in front of preggo ladies!UGHHHHH
    I have already been craving doughnuts now here we go again !I have successfully fought off those cravings! We are changing that right now when I go out to the store!LOL You are not right to do this to me! NOT RIGHT I TELL YOU!=-)

  5. Shanna, girl – I had a feeling that I would catch this from you. This is gonna set you free, dahlin’! ;-D

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