Where Are the Paper Towels?

So many times we’ve had people over and we hear that question repeated. I know, I know…it’s so odd to go into most people’s kitchens and not see that unsightly roll of paper towels sitting out on the counter. Most days, you won’t find them here at all. I say ‘most days’ because every now and then, various family members will buy a roll of paper towels and give it to us as if to say that we are missing out on life by not having them anymore. Frankly, it’s our preference! Yep! Not only that, but I truly love not having to deal with all the extra trash that can result just from depending on paper towels in the kitchen. Another benefit I see is that using cloth towels feels so much more homey and luxurious even. Every paper towel I’ve tried [except for pricey Viva PTs] are rough to the touch!

When you make the switch, you definitely have to come up with a system that works for your family. We have a basic system and it includes using hand towels just for drying clean hands at the sink or laying clean dishes to dry on by the sink. I have flour sack towels that I use strictly for food related projects in the kitchen [covering bread for proofing, wrapping up biscuits to go in the bread basket, etc.]. For hand washing dishes, we have various scrubbing paraphernalia. For cleaning countertops and kiddo’s faces, we use washcloths. I have blue clothes for faces and hands, and green ones for surfaces. Everything just gets tossed in the washing machine with our towels on a very regular basis. That is our simple system.

However, there is an area where I’m falling short: our hand towels are ugly. :( Yeah, it’s really too bad. I haven’t replaced these jokers in years and keep promising that I’m going to soak them again with hot water and lemons and sun dry them, but haven’t gotten to it. So even when they are clean, they don’t necessarily look clean. I am now convinced that this is why extended family feels the need to supply us with paper towels. They have seen our hand towels and feel sorry for us. HA! If we had the towels that you see pictured, then I’m sure they would have no more sympathetic feelings because these hand towels are cute!

I also need to beef up my slim selection of napkins made out of cloth for guests. [I had to word the product that way or else…you might think I was talking about something else.] Anyhoo, I’m off to search for more cute hand towels for our home!

P.S. Click each of the pictures to take you straight to their Etsy shops!

How’s your kitchen? Do you want paper or cloth, ma’am?

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20 thoughts on “Where Are the Paper Towels?

  1. Ohhh! I love the screen printed hand mixer towels! So pretty! And my towels are just as ugly as yours, I keep telling my husband that I am going to make some cute ones. I don’t think he really cares, but BOY does it bother me!
    .-= Melinda´s last blog ..Boys =-.

  2. My Granny just came for a visit and she ALWAYS cleans when she comes. She can’t sit still. But she used one of my solid green kitchen towels and wiped my stainless steel sink with bleach. ?? Anyway, the towel is now a splotchy lime green. If I had nice pretty towels like the pics, I would have to hide them from her. :) I love her anyway
    .-= 50centlove´s last blog ..Name My Bunny =-.

    1. HA! I know it wasn’t funny at the time – it probably irritated you and it would have me – but I just had to chuckle because it sounds like something one of my own grandmothers would do.

  3. I love the idea of cloth napkins. Makes even eating pizza a bit nicer. But to be honest, after my husband and son finish using a cloth napkin, all that would be left are some threads. So they only come out during special occasions.
    .-= Carla´s last blog ..The French Rose Quilt =-.

  4. I’ve seen various WAHM’s who make towels that snap onto a roll…i know this sounds weird, not sure if I can even describe it right, but imagine a roll or paper towels, now replace the paper with cloth. Seems like a cool idea. Might be time consuming to reroll after wash, not sure. But the first towel is clipped on the roll (special holder), then each subsequent towel is snapped on. Much like the idea of “family cloth”, it is a very green alternative if you just can’t give up the handy “roll”. We have paper towels…but only for use when we bleach our countertops. I only bleach them because they are white, and show everything from coffee, tea, sauce, to Kool-aid…one drop stains the stupid countertops…who would pick white?? At our next house we hopefully won’t deal w/ this!!
    .-= MEREDITH BLACK´s last blog ..Just had to mention… =-.

    1. Okay, this intrigued me…If it sounds the way I’m picturing it, then it might be kinda cool. But I’m also wondering how long it takes to snap them all back on the roll? Eh, I might just prefer a simple fold and putting a stack of them in the drawer. If I did the roll-thing, then I bet it wouldn’t last longer than 2 weeks because – wouldn’t you get tired of snapping them all back on after each wash? It seems to cancel out the ‘convenience’ of them all being on a roll…

  5. This is us. One year for Christmas my parents bought me a case of Paper Towels. THANKS
    I have Bathroom hand towels that are Red.
    Dish clothes for Washing, WHITE
    Hand towels for Drying, WHITE W/STRIPE.
    Cleaning wash clothes for cleaning floors and toilets and such, TAN.
    Various bathroom towels for drying and washing bodies and faces up stairs.
    Everyone in the house knows my system until guests come over.
    I do have paper Napkins still :-( I just don’t have a good stock of cloth napkins in my system yet.
    I do have a roll of Paper Towels on the counter for icky things just incasethe germ a phob in me wins out every now and then.
    I so need to get some prettier ones too. Something for my B-day wish list! Thanks for the links.

    1. It sounds like a good system, Karen! That is so funny about the case of PTs ! I have soooo been there! And I would say – don’t worry about those germs. You can always clean with a cloth and toss it in the wash right away. Same diff, right? Only you’re not dependent on paper towels anymore?

  6. So pretty!! We went mostly paper towel free a while back but something happened and we fell back into our old ways. I think if we had a ton of pretty towels like that we’d be encouraged and happy to use them, don’t you think? Yes, perhaps a ton of pretty hand towels are just what we need.. =)

    1. I totally agree with you! So ya just need to start your stash, right?
      And you have the most gorgeous name I’ve ever heard!! ;-D

  7. So… we keep switching back and forth. I will buy paper towels, but when we run out, we use this pile of rags that I made out of all my son’s flannel baby blankets. Flannel is a GREAT material for cleaning with – it’s fairly lint-free. I just cut his blankets into four pieces and left the edges raw. One of these days I should trim off the stringy bits.

    We don’t really suffer from the lack of paper towels. But come to think of it, I should move them to a more accessible location. I bet if I did that, we’d never crave the usage of paper towels.

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