Our Home Office Redo [in the makin’]

For a little while now, I’ve had to literally block out my home office from my sight, my mind, my everything. It had become so overwhelmingly AWFUL that I just couldn’t take it anymore.

And so…the beautiful glass door was taped up. I’m serious when I say I didn’t want to see it. Guess you can see that. See? Ce.

You will be embarrassed FOR me once you see some of these shots. I am squinting as I upload this stuff. Yeah, I left the pics small on purpose. Heeeeeey, don’t look too close! Sheesh. This is bad enough as it is without you trying to see my mess up close! Okay, QUICK! Scroll down FAST.

Have you seen that new show called Hoarders? Oh mercy. I promise that I am not one of those people. Now, I KNOW that those people don’t realize what they’re doing, but seriously. Come on. Look at me. I look normal enough, right? I can view the above pictures and fully realize that…well…I‘m just a collector. NO – KIDDING! I’m not a collector, I’m not a hoarder, but I do have a ton of crafty stuff and up until now I have not had enough places to put it in a nice, organized way. [After seeing just one episode of that show, though, it really does just make ya want to take almost everything and CHUNK it out the back door in fear of turning out like one of those people, doesn’t it? Augh!]

So how did it happen? Well, this office was never finished when we built the home. We had plans all along to have all of this built-in gorgeous cabinetry…blah, blah, blah…but towards the end of building, we were alerted that somehow we had gone over budget over $20,000 !! No lie. Over – by twenty thousand smackaroos. This news was out of nowhere, too. Have you heard me tell this story here yet? You might hear it again before all’s said ‘n done. Sorry in advance. Anyway, all along, we had been working with the accountant and following the budget. We’d have regular meetings to decide how much money pays for what…and how much we’ve spent and how much is left. So I could not – for the life of me – figure out how it was all suddenly messed up. To say that I was ridiculously outraged, upset and stressed out is a horrific understatement. And to make matters more interesting, I was VERY pregnant with Gianna at the time! Many people have learned that it’s just wrong to raise a pregnant woman’s ire, right? Don’t ya think?

We ended up having to leave off several things from our original design because there was no moolah to cover it. And after recalculating and recrunching those numbers, we were told that we were not so off budget [whew!]…but that we were going to have to cut corners just to make it. So cut corners – we did! We barely made it, though.

Suffice it to say, there was just never enough room to PUT everything! Since we’re also going through and cleaning out the 2nd and 3rd floors, things are getting shifted everywhere and there were too many times that you’d hear the following sentence: “Oh, that belongs downstairs in the office. Just go drop it in there somewhere. What? There IS no where to put it in there? I don’t care! MAKE a place in there! This can’t stay in here!” Even before the house clean up project began, this home office was chaos. So add on the rest of the stuff we’re working on and – well – you literally could barely get in the door to this small space.

This is basically our office today. We’ve made do with random desks and I’ve just recently given 3/4 of it all a paint job to creamy white. You remember that I love that for office furniture, right?

These desks were a really blah oak color and stained light. I primed and creamed ’em up real good.

That chair cushion is so ugly, but it is sooo comfy! I snatched it from my hubby when he moved his architect firm here – and we only lightly argued over who got to keep it. Actually, he asked if I really liked it and said that I could have it because my back frequently gives me grief. HE is a sweetheart! [Mine. All mine.]

So we’ve got open shelving going up…some working drapery ideas…possibly a table skirt…reupholstery actions…hardware changes…and more design ideas still in the works. Stick around and see if we actually end up taking this thing somewhere~!

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