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For the first time ever, I’m entering a pic in a photography challenge over at iheartfaces. I’ve been a fan of and have been eyeballing iheartfaces for a while now, and kept telling myself that I would enter the next challenge…but haven’t until now. Sometimes ya’ just have to dive straight into something, right? So here we go:

And holy stankability – ! Who’s judging this week? Why, it’s Miss Bakerella herself! I sure hope you love my pic, Bakerella! I am a fan of yours [who isn’t??] and thought of you when I put this mess together!

For my readers, I want y’all to know that I will be posting the recipe and how-to on these scrumptious, deliciously-moist and EASY dark chocolate brownies later on in the week!

Also, stay tuned because later on this week, I will be announcing the winners for the Lisa Leonard Jewelry giveaway!

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24 thoughts on “i heart desserts

    1. GO for it, Bri! You’d win some, for sure! I’ve seen your fabulous wedding photography lately – and it is so awesome. Why couldn’t you have been around when me and Corey got married?!?!? ;-D

    1. Yes!! Then we can be brownie-eatin’ fools together! I just might have to go have seconds while you get yours together…


    1. Thank you!! And yeah, isn’t that crazy? I’ve seen your fabulous entries before, too, and knew I had to give it a go. It’s fun! =-)

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