Ranunculus Finds on Etsy

Ranunculus: one of my all time favorite flowers! They look like a cross between a rose and a peony and come in a gorgeous array of colors. I have called around to several nurseries here inquiring about them, and am disappointed to hear the person on the other end of the line saying “Huh? A WHAT? Can you spell that for me?” And I know that we can grow it here. This is zone 7 after all, people!

While not everyone in NC has heard of this brilliant flower, there are plenty of people on Etsy who have. So this is where I will send all those people when they act clueless about Ranuncu-WHAT? I wanted to share some nifty finds with you today and hope it brightens up your week! ­čśÇ

[from top left clockwise:] selenavallejo + honeytree + ciaobellaphotography + BornBarefoot

Madeline Bea Photography

[from top left clockwise:] blacksatinshoes + designstash + nanno + milkmoneyshop + YJdesign

[from left clockwise:] olivesonastring + dsbrennan + permanentmagenta

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8 thoughts on “Ranunculus Finds on Etsy

  1. omgosh!!!! one of my fave’s too!!! doesnt surprise me though..you have great taste:+)
    so, can i say how i am beginning to have a love hate relationship with my etsy emails..all it turns into is a “i want, o want, i want” session! sad!!

    1. GREAT, GREAT minds!! I thought of you when I first got this post together and thought “I wonder if Steph knows about Ranunculus? Yeah, of COURSE she does!” I want to plant a bunch of these tubers soon! You’ve gotta get some, too!

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