A [Quick] Natalie the Cat Update

Dearest Friends of all sorts:

This is Natalie checking in with a quick update. It’s come to my understanding that I naturally have loving fans curious about my well being since being tortured at the Vet’s office.

Life has returned to normal and I am now back to running around outdoors being hassled by the other cats, and catching mice and voles. As you can see, my beautiful face has been so rightfully returned to me, with no scarring or any proof – for that matter – of sustained illness.

Also, I am not geriatric.

In loveliest of sentiments,


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3 thoughts on “A [Quick] Natalie the Cat Update

  1. You must be related to my Salem.. you sound like it. His nickname is Mr Man or Mr Grump. He has had the indignity of having to train a new puppy, so he’s even more “happy” than normal.

    He’d say he’s happy you’re feeling better (although this was last year) but he’s too busy glaring. And he’s not geriatric either.

    But Natalie, you are beautiful! Happy you feel better!

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