So…a Bed Swing Would Be Nice, Right?

This is an inspiration post – chock full of pics sure to please your eye. Lately, I’ve been considering outdoor spaces because it’s that time of year, and I can not – for the life of me – get away from this idea: a bed. outdoors. that SWINGS. Great for reading on a lazy Saturday…or napping…or cuddling outdoors with your honey bunny…or kiddos…You might be thinking: why not just get a hammock? My deal is: I don’t do hammocks. Becoming unbalanced and flipping over is just not my style. It cramps it or something. I’d much rather chillax on a real bed – with a comfy mattress of some sort – but outside!

My personal preference would be something that looks natural yet exotic, mysterious yet enticing…and uber comfy! I think I’d love it most under a huge tree, sheltered naturally from the sun through it’s canopy of leaves. Some of these that are indoors are lovely, too!

Graciousness! Bed swing BUNKS? I would like to see how this works! I bet kids would love it, though!

Okay, totally kidding on this last one! It’s a lil’ TOO mysterious for my tastes. However, it would mesh perfectly with my recurring nightmare of falling off the side of a cliff while sleeping!

So do you have a bed swing? Did you make it or was it purchased? Where’s it located? Give us some ideas, people!

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4 thoughts on “So…a Bed Swing Would Be Nice, Right?

    1. Same here, woman! We are both getting closer to the end pregnancy-wise so our eyes are ALWAYS droopy! I need a nap.

  1. I like the 4th and 5th pics. That last one is scary. If you need a ladder to get into it, it needs to have some sides!
    I’m with ya on not liking hammocks. They’re nice if you can get comfortable in one, but boy that’s hard to do…they are waaayy too much work!

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