Whatever Floats Your Boat

The kids really like to hang around the pond, doing all sorts of things. I have always loved it myself! I was a girl when my family moved in next door, and back then, the pond was a lot bigger and deeper – and just gorgeous. Since then, it’s had muskrat damage, causing leaking through the pond dam. It’s been a challenge to keep it full all through the heat of our summer times. Nonetheless, it’s still lovely to have. So the children will skip rocks on it, watch the ducks swim, dream about swimming in it themselves [I’ve actually never let them because it has cooters in it. Know what those are?]. Lately we have been talking a lot about boats and what causes them to float in the water. ‘Tis a lovely lesson on buoyancy.

Things to discuss with your kiddos: buoyancy, displacement,wind and sailing, boat materials, construction, stable equilibrium

Experiment: build boats made out of various household materials [food containers, cups, etc.] and see which ones float/sail the best and worst; Try adding different weights [coins, pine combs, wood blocks, etc.] in the boats and see how they fare; Make sails from different materials and in different shapes to see if there is any difference in the boat’s function

We are still experimenting with our boats. We’ve had successes and failures, and I want the kids to be able to determine on their own what works and what doesn’t, and to be able to explain why.

For the youngest, it’s all pure fun! For the older ones, it’s fun science! For the ducks, well – we were just in their way~!

To get some ideas on making your own boats, visit the tutorials here at Create-Kids-Crafts!

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2 thoughts on “Whatever Floats Your Boat

  1. Looks like fun :)
    And I have to say, your kids are too stinkin’ cute! Just gorgeous, and they’ve grown so much since we last saw them!!

    1. No matter what I try, they just won’t stay little! Ethan is almost as tall as us now! [[[bittersweet tears!]]]

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