Christmas Greetings

Everyone is saying it: “Christmas is HERE already! Can you beLIEVE it?!?” I’m joining that chorus because I’m on key. Where did 2011 fly off to? It’s nearly gone – but our family has had some wonderful memories this year. Hope yours did, too, and hope you took lots of photos to look back on in 10 or 20 years from now.

We have received lots of holiday cards this season [even though our family didn’t send any out this year!] – and I have enjoyed them all. My favorite just came, though…it might be my most fav ever, and here it is:

Mm – pure, basic and lovely. Why do I love it so much? Because it is real. We know that Mary and Jesus were real, but why is it that they are always pictured together so formally? Mary must have really loved her son – so, so much! It’s just perfect to see the actual human emotion shining in this one. So glorious~!

Here’s hoping that you and your family have a most merry Christmas celebrating your traditions and feasting~!

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