Meet Barnabas.

Sorry that he didn’t want to wake up for his interview…It’s a lot of work being a puppy, you know.

We’ve been wanting a dog like this for a long time. Barnabas is 8 weeks old, and is a Great Pyrenees. He will be helping us keep up with all the animals outside once we get our farm all situated again. We just got him on Saturday, and it already feels like he’s been here for forever. The children can not get enough of him and we are all head over heels with this little guy. Oh yeah, he won’t stay little for long. His paws are already the size of a normal large dog’s paws. This little dude is gonna be biiiiig!!

He has a playful but sweet personality, and is incredibly even-tempered and laid back. He’s smart.

Oh yeah, and sleepy, too…

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6 thoughts on “Meet Barnabas.

  1. Have I introduced you to our one year old Basset, Truman. Rotten to the core but falls asleep like clockwork at 7:30 pm when all four of the kiddos go down…I guess his jobs of nibbling there ankles and stealing the toys left on the floor is done.


  2. OH MY WORD, he is just a sweetheart! Congratulations to you & your family. We used to have big dogs many year ago & now we have a just turned 1 year old toy poodle… your darling pup might be bigger than our Rover full grown. lol.

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