The World Didn’t End, So I Decorated for Christmas.

We’ve had these empty black frames up for a couple of years now and I’ve not changed out our foyer from them because everyone here still loves the look. One thing that can be done is to change what’s inside them – from blank to pictures tacked in or, since it’s the holidays, some simple Christmas decor.

A friend gave me these metal words that look like they’ve been quilled into place. I adore quilling, so this makes me happy. And – some basic Christmas ornaments hung up in a few of the smaller frames. It was a quick┬áchange-up and will be quick to put back – or even add something different for just the snowy/Winter season [I already have some ideas in mind].

Have empty frames on your casa wall? Did ya do ’em up dandy for the holidays?

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One thought on “The World Didn’t End, So I Decorated for Christmas.

  1. I can’t believe how perfectly these fit in with your decor! I love that kind of holiday decorating…adding to what’s already there, rather than taking down all of the “every day” decor to replace it with Christmas. Nice!

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