Dear Paula Deen [a simple note of support]


Dear Paula Deen:


I have watched you on TV for years, and have always loved your sweet personality and gorgeous, bright smile. Your southern accent is a comfort, as it reminds me of my own Grammy, who has been my number 1 influence on cooking and baking as she has always made her own excellent dishes. I have your cookbooks, and have made many of your wonderful recipes. I have shared your warm sentiments on butter and just how amazing it is.

It’s extremely saddening, as well as shocking, to see of those who’ve risen against you for your past mistakes. It angers me to watch the injustice of it all – and I have cried right along with you. What some of these people seem to be forgetting is that we all have regrets in our past; we’ve ALL said and done things we shouldn’t have. I want to thank you for your honesty, humbleness and brokenness in this situation. These are good character attributes that are testament of your loving heart, and are to be highlighted and praised.

In spite of all the negativity connecting to your name lately, I am also seeing what looks to be even MORE greatness from those reaching out to you and encouraging you, supporting you, extending hands to help you to your feet quickly again. And to me, this is what is so wonderful about it all! It also shows the world just how incredibly loved and blessed that you truly are. I have no doubt that you will come through this harrowing ordeal in flying colors and will be stronger on the other side. I can’t wait to see the awesome places you’ll go next, and will support you 155%!! 😀

Sincerely with love,

Amber D.


P.S. for fans – help show your support to Miss Paula by joining the FaceBook page: We Support Paula Deen

It’s 470,000 strong and counting! Whoohoo!

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25 thoughts on “Dear Paula Deen [a simple note of support]

  1. We are told to encourage others – rebuke them when necessary, but being loving and gentle. Your heart – is so beautifully displayed here. Mercy wins every time – we all need mercy and grace.

  2. Just know you are loved and Supported in every way! We all make mistakes..I would hate to be held accountable for everything I have ever said out of emotion…As would many others if the truth were told..Hang in there Paula we are fighting for you!

  3. Dear Paula,

    I support you. Who hasn’t called someone a name? The N word is ugly, but when blacks call white people names, nobody cares. And blacks call each other the N word, but that’s ok? You appologized, don’t beg.

  4. Good and fair people everywhere can see you heart. You are honest, caring and generous without bounds. Stay strong and remember legions of supporters as well as the presence of the Lord will help you with all burdens.

  5. Paula, you have been n our home for years , THAT WILL NOT CHANGE. Ur a classy lady with awesome sons & we support you 110,000%.. those idiotsneedd their happy jack asses KICKED!!!! Karma will get them, wait and see… We love you, stay strong..

  6. I believe when God closes a door that He opens a window. He has other things in store for Paula. Cut your losses with those who don’t support you and forge ahead Paula. You can do it!!!

  7. I know that Food Network is out of line by firing u for what happen in the past. Mrs Paula I was sadden to hear this News with Food Network and I don’t accept they punish someone this way so hardishly for the past . I understand they have their rules But Not cruelly . I love Watching U and ur Sons cook together . I feel sadden for U .I love u and your Family . I support U Paula always that won’t change ever.

  8. Thank you for the letter. I wish we could have a rally of sorts. Let Paula see first hand the multitude of people that love her. I hope that these company’s suffer on their bottom line for the terrible way they are treating Paula. She was great when she was bringing in lot’s of green for them from HER fans.
    Be strong Paula. Corporate America can try to control us but we will find you, your recipes and cookbooks somewhere and it won’t be at the company’s that think cancelling you is the right thing to do. Love you lots.

  9. Paula, I stand 100% behind you; love your personality, cooking, recipes, cookware, family values. I am keeping you and your family in my prayers, for Him to help you all to get thru these rough times with your heads held high. Love ya.

    Amber D great letter to Paula Deen.

  10. Throughout all of this nonsense no one has taken the time to mention the many charities Paula Dean and her family support. This in itself shows the kind of person she is and extends on out to the entire family. I myself am no longer a fan of the Today Show, no longer a fan of Wal-Mart and I can proudly say I never purchased the first Smithfield ham and glad I didn’t. Carry on the good works Paula.

  11. God says to the accusers: “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” Everyone walked away and God said: “Go and sin no more.” My prayers are with Paula Deen and I thank you for this sweet letter.

  12. Paula you are a daughter of God. Jesus is the Son of God. He didn’t say life would be easy, but that it would be worth it.!!! Hang in there! We love you Paula and will not leave you!!!

  13. A lot of the negative comments I have seen are calling Paula a fake Southern with her fake accent. We all know they are just jealous because they do not live in the South. God has a Southern accent. Hold your head high and move on to better things. You go girl!

  14. I hate seeing this happen to you. You have a nice family. It will pass just like everything else. Stay strong. These places will regret their actions. Take care and Love!!!!

  15. I support you 150% and will always since the first time I watched your program on the Food Network some 11 years ago. I, too, have been divorced and had to earn a living for myself and my children. I have admired your hard work, your marvelous talent and the wonderful cheer and inspiration you bring to your followers. You are truly an inspiration to all of us. Watching your sons being interviewed earlier this week shows what a fine job you have done over all these years. They are as kind, loving and sincere as you are. They are something to be truly proud of. Just be yourself and and keep going and never, never, never give up. You are a wonderful person who is loved dearly by all your fans!!! Take care. Bless you!

  16. you are in our prayers. you have done nothing wrong. see how many the ones that are accusing you have done something wrong. go girl we love you

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