A New Kinda Art.


reverse graffiti 1- ClassiclyAmber

All right, so it’s not totally new. It’s actually been around for a few years… I’m not straight up crazy about regular street graffiti, but know what I’m a fan of? REVERSE graffiti.

reverse graffiti 2- ClassiclyAmber

reverse graffiti 3- ClassiclyAmber

reverse graffiti 4- ClassiclyAmber

reverse graffiti 5- ClassiclyAmber

reverse graffiti 6- ClassiclyAmber

Basically, these dudes are cleaning designs onto the dirt and grime in cities. Some people might not like it, but I personally think it’s pretty rad. In addition to creating beautiful artwork on sidewalks and walls, it also sends a message to just how dirty and polluted the air quality is in town, doesn’t it?


Love it.

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