Palatable Pallets [Outdoors Edition]

Pallets for Outdoor Use - Inspiration -

Pallets for Outdoor Use - Inspiration -

If you follow me on IG/FB/TW – then you know how we recently tackled some outdoor pallet furniture construction lately. Before I show you how far we got on that project, I wanted to share some more inspiring outdoor furniture created with free pallets. This is not a brand new idea, it’s been out for at least a few years already, and I’m not sure who was officially the first to invent this awesomeness. ¬†However, in case you want to do this yourself, please research around just a tad first to see some useful guidelines you should follow for making anything with pallets. Donna from Funky Junk pretty much covers all the basics here in this post.¬†

Despite obstacles that we faced doing our own project, I still would love to make more things out of the remaining pallets we have, including another bench. Fencing, gardens, furniture, decor – it’s all pretty dern cool in my book.

via Scraphacker


I love this little bench, love that it has concealed storage, and would love to use it outdoors.


via Re-nest



Love this clean, simple look. Would love to see it painted, too. It looks quite nice framing in a raised seating area.



via Recyclart
via Recyclart

This is totally cute for a nice deck or patio area. Love the wheels. Wish I could nap here!



via Shoestring Pavilion
via Shoestring Pavilion


Lovin’ these sophisticated loungers for the yard. Throw me a huge pillow and I’d be all set!

Oh okay, lounging with pillows on pallet furniture? Well, let’s go ahead and make a bed swing then. You know I’m crazy ’bout those!

via muyingenioso
via muyingenioso



I am just ogling over this setup above! I would love, love, LOVE to see this under a huge tree for an evening party or ceremony. Talk about magical! [Not positive that this is definitely made from pallets, but it is so simple looking that I bet it could be done!]

For more inspiration and ideas, you can obviously search Pinterest. Also, I happen to have found a ton of useful info + inspiration over on Lumber Jocks. Check it out, if you have the time ‘n gumption!




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