Jumping Into Monday – & Chore Packs

Simple Chore Packs - ClassiclyAmber

Simple Chore Packs - ClassiclyAmber


Mondays are probably the most busy day of the week here at our homestead. We usually have extra chores on these days and plus, we’re getting back in the swing of our regular weekday routine, so sometimes people are cranky. I do have me and the kids work on some chores a little every day. One thing I’m doing lately to incorporate that more seamlessly is instituting chore packs. Do you know how these work? I’m new at it still, but basically I bought name badge holders, clips and index cards from Wally World. Each person gets their own pack, with cards in them for 6 days a week. And each day a week, I’ve preassigned specific chores for each person. The older people help and teach the younger peeps. This way, everything that needs to happen here gets done in a more organized way. Just like any momma out there, I get really tired of reminding each kiddo to make your bed, sweep the floor, clean up that mess you made, today is Monday – did you take out the trash? So this system helps nix all that in the bum.

I know that a few people out there like to talk smack about kids doing chores [because yep, the Duggars use this type of chore system, too, as well as tons of other fams] – but a lot of those same people also get very annoyed at kids who act like brats and have no responsibilities. It proves the point that not only can you NOT please everyone around you, but some people like to run their mouths about others no matter what. You have to find something that works for YOUR family and not worry about other people’s negativity.

The Duggars are a family that I happen to highly respect for many reasons, but one is their level of organization. After seeing Michelle talk openly about using Managers of Their Homes, I decided to check it out. This is a system originated by a highly conservative Christian family, and they truly have lots of good ideas. In this main book, they outline ideas for getting your schedule organized, including chores done better, and refer you to their books/system on the chore packs, too. I just used their included paperwork to create my own chore pack system, but you could def pick up the other books if you need to dive in deeper on the subject.

The included worksheets I used helped me jog my memory on all the chores that need to happen here on a daily, weekly, monthly and seasonally basis – – and approx. how long it takes to do each chore. I know that I didn’t get everything written down yet, but I add stuff as I remember it and use ideas from Pinterest to help me further.

I’ve been a mother for going on 13 years now, and I’ve tried different things along the way to keep our home clean and teach our youngins responsibility. This one is the one I’ve been most excited about and seems to be the easiest to incorporate. Will letcha know how it holds up long-term. 😉

Happy Monday! [yep, it can happen!]

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2 thoughts on “Jumping Into Monday – & Chore Packs

    1. Each person wears their own badge, and it has cards in them for each day of the week. That way, everyone knows what their chores are according to which day it is. And each badge is a wearable reminder/checklist.

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