5 Reasons to Smile.

5 Reasons to Smile - ClassiclyAmber

5 Reasons to Smile - ClassiclyAmber

Someone came up to me recently and actually said to me, “You are an inspiration because you’re always smiling and you’ve got these 5 beautiful children to take care of!”

Her intentions were great, and I really appreciated the thoughts behind them. My reply was:

“Are you kidding me? That’s easy because my kids are the REASON why I’m so smiley! They make me so happy!”

It doesn’t mean our life is perfect and it doesn’t mean I’ve got it easy. We definitely have challenging moments and times where I need to count to ten before I speak. <—I don’t always do that, by the way. Anyway, this is normal. Life is always busy, and some might argue that I have my hands “full”.

But ya know what? I’m blessed to have a husband here, and I’m blessed to have 5 children. The Bible says that kiddos are a blessing, and I believe it because I’ve seen that it’s true. One of my main goals in life is to teach everything that I know to these little people I’ve been given to look over, to teach them to be selfless and part of the good force in the world. I want them to have hearts for getting out there and helping people. When they smile at me, when we giggle over sillyness, when I see them get down on their knees and pray out loud intensely for someone who’s hurting, when they share their toys or food, when they give hugs, when they use their God-given creative talents to make art and especially when they do that to make others happy – guess what? My heart is blessed abundantly, TIMES FIVE. Other people’s hearts are multiply blessed, too. And I feel that God is honored in that. And the world is a better place.

To the mothers out there, it does not matter if you have 1 child or 25 children, YOU are BLESSED. Being a mother is challenging, but it is fun! You have a God-given duty to teach your littles to be responsible and a light in the world. And you can do that when you have them by your side each day, teaching them all the big and little things about life. When you see that they are learning these awesome behaviors, you can smile as your heart is blessed!


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