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Duolingo - ClassiclyAmber

I keep a short list of New Year’s resolutions. It’s less pressure that way, you see. Because like most people, I find myself NOT crossing those things off the list.

Not right now, though. I am finally X-ing some mess out, and this is one of them: to finish learning French. What began in high school by one of the best teachers ever, Mrs. Boulton, and in one of the most fun classes of my entire education – French 101 – is now on it’s way to completion. I started using a free app on my iPad called Duolingo. Ever heard of it? It’s pretty cool, actually. Like I said, it’s totally free – and even totally free of ads, too. I have NO idea how they do it, but they do and it’s a fun learning tool. We will even be using it in our homeschool to teach the kiddos extra languages.

If you haven’t tried it, check it out here. It’s pretty dern nifty.


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