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Did you know that there are people out there who have little to no regard for the sanctity of marriage and all that that entails? There are those who think that they can talk to other people however they wish, even if it means causing a serious problem between a husband and wife. I have recently read the online stories of a few women who’ve allowed to get themselves tangled up with married men, and honestly – it’s enough to make you puke. It’s a very selfish and Narcissistic thing to buddy up to another woman’s husband. These women don’t respect themselves enough to get out there and find a man who’s not already taken. They didn’t get the memo that marriage is for LIFE, it is a precious entity that should be respected always. And so they jumped at the opportunity to get any attention they could from these married men – flirting, going out to dinner with them, the intimacy, the sex, the gifts, the praise. On top of that, they felt their own self esteem boosted when they could sit and bad mouth the husband’s wives behind their backs. Of course, I’m not endorsing that the married men aren’t as equally to blame, because they obviously are. I’m just speaking out to women right now.

Marriage is not for quitters. God set up the original family and He had an awesome plan in mind in doing so. He never meant for people to act more like animals than humans with jumping around from person to person. In most natural settings, children are born out of intimate relationships, and they need the stability of a loving mother and father. Sure, they can make it without one or the other, but the best setup is with both the parents in the home – for life. A steady, stable family is the most healthy. People as a whole are healthiest when they are in life long committed relationships — marriage. Breakups hurt and are deeply damaging to a person’s psyche, and are best avoided altogether. This is one of the main reasons why I’ve always believed in courting for marriage and then marriage for life. [But that’s a different show.]

Married couples today need all the advice and encouragement they can get in this messed up world. Enter Ryan and Selena from Fierce Marriage. I just found out about them through a friend, and they are truly helping people in lifetime commitments to stick together in the best ways possible. I love their graphics of encouragement, and the articles found on their site include topics like fighting sex addictions, forgiveness, and Facebook warnings — and more. If you are looking for encouragement as you set out to love + respect your man for life, then definitely go check out their site and connect with them online.

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