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This Moment -

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Do you ever feel like parenthood has you so overwhelmed in this very moment that you’d do anything to step out of this phase and into the next? You know, the next phase where you’ve moved passed all the diaper changes and teething and potty training and extra laundry and hand feeding and sticky fingers and doing absolutely everything for the tiniest people in your life? After all of this, the phase of life where they start to not need you as much any more and they are doing more, if not all, things on their own…you can “get your life back”…you can sleep in on the weekends…you can be more impulsive with your time and change things up last minute…you can vacation anywhere that your budget allows…

I urge you to – first off, take a break if you need one! ๐Ÿ˜‰ – and second, to slow down and remember this very moment. I promise you that they will not always be this tiny and needy for long at all. The time will come all too fast where they are your size and bigger, with their own interests and ideas about life, and ready to take on the world themselves. What’s most important is to take a deep breath and do your best to create the most awesome memories you can with them while they are still with you. All life – at every phase, stage and challenge is a very beautiful gift, and should not be taken for granted.

One day, you will look back on this very moment and wish with everything in you that you could come back to it. Never lose sight of that. <3

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