Organizing Closets.


With the change of weather, I’m always inspired to totally redo all the closets in our home. Lean in closer and I’ll tell ya a secret…

We’ve never finished our closets from when we built our home 6 years ago!

I’m actually surprised that we’re able to feasibly dress ourselves each day. I’m only exaggerating a little bit. Basically, I designed the closets a specific way, and the builder failed to come through for me on the execution. And the building budget wasn’t handled in the best way by those guys, so we didn’t get the shelving systems we needed in each space. One of these days, I will post pictures of what I deal with – with trying to organize and use our weird closets. Anyway, I’ve tried different temporary solutions to get our different closets to work, but I’m about done with that. Gotta admit defeat sometimes, right? So next I want to make it a priority to get these fixed once and for all. In the meantime, I am going to use the tips below to get them all organized as possible before the big remodeling happens.

An organized closet makes getting dressed a stress-free and even fun event. It can save time and money, too, when you know right where everything is. I’m assuming all of this. Also, I’m signing up for this.




How to Organize Your Closet

 Amazing infographic provided by LincolnApts! 
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