Lovely Finds

A New Kinda Art.

  All right, so it’s not totally new. It’s actually been around for a few years… I’m not straight up crazy about regular street graffiti, but know what I’m a […]

Tulle Skirt <3

  Ever since I first laid eyes on the gorgeous tulle skirts found here at Space 46, I have been dreaming about them. Is there anything more femininely fun than […]

Art Under Your Feet

Emily Kircher is the talent behind EKRA, a recycling artist who turns old t-shirts and fabric remnants into works of art underfoot: rugs. She has plenty of ready made rugs […]

How to be Happy:

Got it? Now you know what you’re doing this weekend! If you love the artwork above, then be sure to check out Susan Branch and her charming work. I think […]

Start Each Day…

When I first saw this, I thought “How awesome! If only everyone had that kinda attitude!” …But then I quickly remembered several peeps who get kinda grumpy or illogical or […]

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