My Life ‘n Thoughts

Double Rainbow

We’ve recently gotten some decent rain – and afterwards? …This lovely double rainbow filled the skies behind our homestead. The kids thought it was so cool! Nolan was so sure […]

Happy Saturday

It’s been a lovely, restful Saturday here at the homestead. This pic isn’t from today, but from recently. What do you think of all those stripes? Is it fantastic much? […]

Happy Twenty-Twelve~!

Some say…”two thousand twelve”…and some say…”twenty-twelve”…How do YOU pronounce the year? And is there really a conflict on the pronunciation? I’m going with “Twenty-twelve”. And now, my dears, a song:  […]

Need Some Pep?

Maybe I need more pep in my step? More veeta-vita-what? Maybe I need to not be so hard on myself! I am actually taking vitamins and iron every day still…however, […]

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